ReactJS Rookie

Build Your First ReactJS Project With Us!

April 21, 2024

25 Attendees

4:30 PM – 7:30 PM


Mr. Prathmesh Mutkure

MLH Web3 Fellow'23 | LFX'23 CNCF Jaeger | Mobile and Web Developer

Topic: Understanding React JS and Building Your First Project

Prathmesh discussed the following points:

  • What is Web Development?
  • Different domains of Web Development.
  • Hands-on workshop to build To Do Web App in React JS
  • 100% attendees were able to build the web app by the end of the session. 


The hands-on session on React JS was incredibly insightful, and I appreciate theDevArmy for organizing such informative and engaging meet-ups. Keep up the great work!

Really liked the fact that the speaker was ready to solve everybody's doubts and then move ahead.

Had a great experience and got to learn React practically!

The session was amazing!