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theDevArmy is a vibrant developer community dedicated to fostering a robust hackathon culture across India. We believe in the power of collaboration and continuous learning, providing a platform where developers can come together to exchange ideas, learn new skills, and participate in hackathons together.

Become part of our dynamic ecosystem where we learn and grow together, building a community that inspires and empowers developers to achieve their full potential.

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Are you a hackathon enthusiast? But do you find it difficult to locate hackathons around India? 

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At theDevArmy we believe in the power of community which helps individuals to learn, grow, and innovate together. Communities provide a platform to the like-minded individuals to connect.

To promote community building and continuous growth, we host a monthly meet-up where developers, tech enthusiasts, and innovators come together to network, share insights, and collaborate on exciting projects. Join us in this journey of exploration, learning, and making a meaningful impact in the tech world!

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