FOSS Meetup, Nagpur

March Meet-up

March 10, 2024

34 Attendees

2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

theDevArmy x FOSS United

The meet-up was organized in collaboration between theDevArmy and FOSS United.


Mr. Sankalp Kotewar

SDE-II, Microsoft

Topic: Deep dive into the open source word

Sankalp discussed the following points:

  • What is Opensource?
  • Need of Opensource?
  • How to start with Opensource?
  • Career Opportunities in the field of Opensource.


Mr. Shrirang Kahale

Opensource Enthusiast

Topic: My experience running a Linux Mirror

Shrirang discussed the following points:

  • What is Linux Mirror?
  • How to host a linux mirror?
  • His experience hosting linux mirror?